Sunday 13 October 2019

Is 20mm still sellable?

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and sell off all my 1/72 (20mm) WW2 stuff. There's a large number of built & painted vehicles and quite a few kits still in their boxes.

I'm really not sure what demand there is for this stuff, and I am not sure whether to try and sell it in bundles, or as individual kits, or even what to ask for it. But there are some very cool kits in here, I am sure someone must want them?

1970s British

WW2 British

WW2 German Part 1

WW2 German Part 2


1970s US & Russian

The bottom box is an SU85, a T26 and a PzII


  1. 28mm seems to be the favourite in a lot of places but it depends on what people have already available from playing other rule sets over the years. With a large 20mm collection of FAA (original UK castings) and SHQ, plus some odds and sods from Platoon 20 etc, I'm not going to dump them. Those with whom I play never adopted the large scale, so apart from the one sided collection of buildings available from Charlie Foxtrot and Sarisa that favour 28mm, no reason to change.

  2. Thanks Steve. Assuming they are saleable, I now have to figure out what they are worth. :)

  3. Oh were Manila a suburb of Aberdeen I would be very tempted but alas, due to space limitations that are not expected to ease over the coming years, I must look away.

    Suggest you try them as a lot for what you can get - after all, it is reclaiming space that is the real issue there isn't it ;-)

  4. Doug - using the B&B at smaller show probably not the best option. Where the models are still made you should be able to get the current price info. Give a good discount, say 50% and list them on E-bay with reasonable P&P cost. That'll give you the biggest pool of potential buyers.

  5. Good luck with the sale, Doug. In NZ there are often several kits on the bring and buy tables at conventions. They seem to move okay but at quite discounted prices. Which, of course, has nothing to do with the market in the U.K.!