Tuesday 22 October 2019

Inspired By

So if you haven;t had a look at some of the scratch built MDF buildings made by John Bond in Oz, you really need to go have a look, they are quite sumptuous.

So 'Inspired By' - I have started a small project. It needs some balsa to fix a few issues, and add cladding and frames, but it's a starting point. My target is to have it finished so I can put it on the table on Sunday at the club.

We shall see...

Day 1
Ok, it's a wonky start...

Day 2

Day 2 - cont...
Just spotted I need to fix the right hand railing..  ok.

Pretty much ready for paint

Added levers to interior
And I hit a snag.. my spray can of black primer ran out.. I can't replace it till tomorrow afternoon, so my scheduled is disrupted again.

Hideous till some drybrushing, more washes etc.
\awaiting final tidy up, brickwork paper applied to lower storey..


  1. Thanks for that, I rather enjoyed it. I am now thinking about doing a whole load of Russian and Mediterranean style buildings from scratch. I am tempted to purchase window frames though.