Sunday 6 April 2014

What next?

Well, looking at the lead stocks, I managed to dispose of about 1.5 Kg in a shoebox on Saturday.

Maybe two years ago, I purchased a box of TYW (Thirty Years War) lead by Testudo.  So far it has sat on the shelf. The Testudo figures are very nice, about 17-18mm and very detailed as well as including plenty of variety (in part by having multi-piece castings). For example, I counted at least 6 variants for Scots Musketeer, 2 marching poses (both two pieces) two firing, and two reloading. Apparently Khurusan now have the moulds, but to date, there is no detail on when/if they will be re-released.

Out of the box ($200 originally IIRC) there has come an army for Thomo, Scots Covenanters for me, and I have now passed on at least enough lead for two more armies. Seems like a good deal.

There are a few bits and pieces I need to do to call some projects finished, but they seem to have a life of their own. Partially finished -
  • CoC Brits, US & Germans
  • DBMM Desert Rajputs
  • DBMM WotR
  • DBMM Ottoman Turks
  • DBMM Alexandrian Macedonians
  • 1/2400 WW1 Naval
  • 15mm Sci-Fi
  • 6mm Ancients, ECW, WSS and Napoleonics
  • 1/1200 Napoleonic naval
  • 15mm AK47 'African'
  • 15mm Moderns Afghanistan
  • 15mm Scots Covenanters
  • And the rest - 6mm Cold War Russians, US & NVA for Vietnam, 6mm Cold War Brits, 6mm Desert Storm Brits, 15mm WW1 Desert British..   und so weiter..
So just thinking what next - but in the meantime, I still have uncompleted 20mm models such as another PSC Stug III, Pz III, Daimler A/C, 2 x Universal Carriers, and another Sherman...

So they might be best used for the late Desert campaign...  except then I would need to source some 8th Army and some DAK infantry. You can see where that is going...     use the stuff I have, which then means I need to get more stuff to round it off..    this way, madness lies.

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  1. Oh, not to mention the SAGA stuff, Fear & Faith bands, 6mm Franco-Prussian War, 15mm Egyptians, Hellenistic Greeks, Eastern European cavalry army, 28mm Aztecs, Hoplites, Sasanians, a range of DBA armies, etc...