Monday 21 April 2014

Alexandrian Macedonian 15mm

Some time ago I picked up enough Tin Soldier Hellenistic figures to build a DBMM army, enough for 48 elements of Pike, some Spearmen, Auxilia and a whole bunch of mounted suitable either for the Macedonian elite Companions, or Thessalian cavalry.

I have heard some people be very critical of Tin Soldier, but I actually really like them, loads of character.

Dave is running another of his Canberra DBA Competitions in a week or two, so I thought I might throw together a DBA sized Macedonian army. It fits all my criteria, uses existing figures, might act as an initial trigger to actually finishing the whole DBMM army, and isn't so powerful that it could be seen as a killer army.

I am still waiting to pick up some bases from Olympian Games, but the painting is done. So here they are:
Macedonian Pikemen

Greek Auxilia

The General, Thessalian Cavalry and Prodromoi Light Horse

Fat Bob the Trumpeter..
In all their glory


  1. They look great. My Hellenistic army is Tin Soldier (as is my Medieval), sure I get comments, but the figures have character and you can't beat Fat Bob!

  2. Excellent looking figures.