Friday 11 April 2014

1/72 British Armour in Sicily

I pulled out some remaining plastic kits last night, and started slapping them together. The M5 & Universal Carrier are PSC, Dingo by S&S, M4A2 by Armourfast.

The balance of my British/Allied armour is in Green and best suited to Normandy and after. So I decided to paint these up in a way that would let me claim them for late Western Desert, Sicily and Italy. Not quite accurate, but not quite inaccurate either.

The lot.

Slightly modified PSC M5

Armourfast M4A2
I rather like this lot. Base colour is 'Iraqi Sand' then washed with GW Devlan Mud. The Sherman crewman is cobbled together from butchered figures in the PSC M5 & Carrier sets. No Decals as yet, so all the markings are hand-painted.

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