Thursday 7 November 2013

Intimations of Mortality & Wargames Executors

So, a question raised by my mate Thomo tonight had me thinking. I have a wargames executor named in my will. I guess it goes back to being about nine or ten, and walking to school, I spotted several cardboard boxes placed out for the bin men, (garbage executives or waste disposal operatives or whatever)..  and noticing dozens of immaculate 1/600 ship models being thrown away.. 

Now my assumption is that a lifelong ship modeller of excellent skills had died, and his partner or kids had not known what to do with a collection, and it had been simply put out for disposal.

And that seemed tragic..  not the waste so much, but that all that care and love and interest and dedication simply was lost.

So my Lead Odyssey as a wargamer has now reached a point where I look at the many projects, and wonder whether I will ever finish them before I am finished.

I am now 49 years old. By biblical reckoning (three score years and ten)  I have 21 years to go, and at the rate I paint - will I ever even finish the lead I already have?

Regardless, for anyone reading this blog, and I have to assume you are wargamers; as I suspect it would have only limited appeal to cross-stitchers, have a think about a few things..  will you finish it, who will get it..  what happens to it?

Just a thought.

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