Thursday 14 November 2013

Guess What - Part 2

I think it might be a little easier to guess now..  sort of taking shape.

PS.  I hadn't realised before how hard it was to drill holes in dice...


  1. Oh, that's made it a bit tougher but hey, I'll give it a go!

    1. A dice tower that failed to get off the ground.

    2. A Gobi privvy especially designed for number twos (I'm assuming number ones are dealt with round the back).

    3. The court where Vlad the Impaler passes judgement on dice rolls.

    4. The retirement home for the dice used in the last tournament.

    There, must hae it in that lot!

  2. Close.. but no coconut.. it's what you build using cocktail sticks and paper when you realise three days out from a DBA tournament that you have no camp for your Ottomans.. now in glorious (and tacky) Ottoman technicolour.