Saturday 30 November 2013

'Eavy Metal

Excuse the 'GW' style post title, but some time back, I looked at my Late War German lead in 1/285 (6mm) for Blitzkrieg Commander II, and realised I was missing some of the iconic tanks for the late war period. A quick visit to the GHQ website.. (curse you internet for making this too easy..) and a short time later I had a parcel.

They have been sitting on the shelf in the man-cave for some time, but today I hauled them out, and reached for the superglue...

One has been set aside for Dave, whose LW Germans I played against on Thursday night with my LW British battlegroup. The British commander (me) set up with a cunning plan for the attack from the opposite edge, only to find the entire German army coming in on the table edge to my left.. oops..

Anyway, as you can see here, the group is led by three Sturmtigers, equipped with the 380mm mortar. (You are only allowed one per battlegroup in BKCII, but who knows when you might need another couple?)

Behind them are 5 Tiger II or King Tigers, for the defence of the Reich. And if Thomo uses his entire Guards Army, they will be needed. I also have the GHQ Sdkfz 251/C 2 & 9 half tracks with 75mm howitzer x 3 and mortar carriers x 2. Fiddly little things to build, as were the shell hoists on the Sturmtigers. Now on with 15 M3 half-tracks that will equip my Allied forces. (I figure I will base them all the same, and can use them either with my LW British, or with my LW US forces.)

Heavy Metal indeed...


  1. The basing is attached with white glue, I like the way the tracks sink into it. Just finished 15 M3 Half tracks.. glue in the pulpit, then attach 15 teeny tiny machine guns.. glad it's done, but not sure how sturdy they will be in use.