Wednesday 11 September 2013

Operation Battleaxe - OOB, BKCII - Part 2

Started adding the second colour - and now debating at what stage I should or shouldn't add a wash..  and what shade.


  1. Fun watching your force come together.

  2. I'd think about a sepia wash - for that sandy desert look, otherwise whatever the equivalent these days is of the old CW Devlan Mud.

    The sepia may be a shade or two light to work as a wash on the darker colours ... but then again, maybe it will lighten the corners which is not such a bad thing.

  3. Thomo, see my next post.. ;-) and the other thing I am now looking at is whether to use a fine liner pen to start marking the colour boundaries to sharpen up the contrast? I may try it on the Rolls-Royce and see if I like the effect.