Monday 27 May 2013

Udaloys & Typhoons O My!

So the grey undercoat, black wash and first drybrush are on. The light isn't good, but I think they are still too dark..

 Typhoons - big b*stards!

Udaloy I with Sovremenny in the background.. then Kara, and Sava Class Missile Cruisers.


  1. Very nice indeed! Will be following this project with interest.


  2. I have been thinking over some ideas for doing deck-markings involving straight edged bits of cardboard, hole punches and gel-pens. Will see how I go. Next step is either a lighter dry-brush, or possibly, go straight to the really scary step which is the 'indian red' deck colour on these.

  3. The subs are light and the ships are dark :-P

    A lighter drybrush will do the ships well and another black ink wash should see the subs almost done.

    The it is out with the paint pen and start painting those desk markings! :-P

  4. Pah, it is all sorted, a light drybrush for the ships, some lighter grey patches for the subs... just done the flight decks for the carriers. These are going to look great.