Wednesday 29 May 2013

Red Banner Fleet coming together

They are starting to look the business. Once this is all nice and set, I will go back with an off-white and start doing some highlights. From various photographs, it looks like gun turrets, missiles tubes or tube caps were a slightly lighter colour. There are also ships' boats - helicopters and so on.

I just need to get some bases cut. Still think I will go with magnetised veneer from Olympian Games. 
The air wing. I have ordered some 1/2400 choppers from QRF, so will add these when they arrive.

The cruisers, again, I really like these models, and a few highlights, helicopter deck markings, hull numbers etc should make these pop on their bases.

Pauk and Tarantul Corvettes, the Tarantuls carry really big scary anti-ship missiles. The Pauk are basically ASW.

I know the boomers shouldn't have the white stripe, but the black was so dense and unrelieved. I am going to go back and add some missile panel patches in a very dark grey to try and create something a bit more interesting.


  1. Looking really good. Nice work!

  2. I see you have the target rings painted on you subs as well :-)

    Fleet is looking good mate. I'm hoping to get some serious painting time in tonight and on the weekend (as well as preparing the aircraft for painting). Tomorrow night is a beer and cheeseburger as my period of abstinence from both ends :-D

  3. Hopefully should just about finish the painting on these tonight, then a hiatus while I wait for the bases. In which period I should really be getting on with the Rajputs.

  4. Veary nice wourk sir, how do you get the deck markings so straight? Do you use a pen, I have trouble getting mine to look crisp but Ijust use a brush.

  5. I use a pen, and a credit card to act as a ruler. Cheap white gel pen from the local stationers works very well. It also has the advantage that you can dampen your finger and wipe it off if you are quick.

    For the circles I used a hole punch in an old business card as a stencil... again with a pen.

  6. Looking great Doug. Hope mine come up half as well.