Thursday 16 May 2013


I have been so good this year. Unlike some other people I don't post totals - but I have literally not bought a figure, my only wargames purchases a couple of bottles of paint, some bases from Dean at Olympian Games, and some rules.

I even had a good hard look at my lead stocks, converted some into the basis of the Desert Rajputs, made some decisions about what I was likely to paint, unlikely to paint, which armies I had in raw lead that were too similar to existing armies...  which periods I could cover. Then took the rest down the club and it was like one of those 'Shouty' ads...   you know.. 'CRAZZZY CRAZZZY PRICES!!!!!'

Well - ok, so trying to persuade hard-core wargamers that they need more lead is like flogging bottles of Scotch at an AA meeting... they know they shouldn't but... 

So, several kilos of lead lighter (thanks Tim, Jon, Michael etc... ) I had a few hundred bucks in my pocket, and by coincidence, there was this bloke on TMP selling a Medieval Army for a mere $200...  

I excused myself with the thought that it was merely a like for like swap...   so X kilos of unpainted lead for a bunch of (quite nicely) painted stuff...  all good.. 

Then that evil man Thomo posted this...   Navwar 1/3000 modern ships.. using the 'Shipwreck' Naval Rules.

Ok, so how much could it hurt, if I just ordered the rules.. not expensive..  here in a few days (I hope..) then I can decide whether I want some ships. So no prizes for guessing where this is going...   Right, straight to the Navwar site to order some ships...   Now did I mention Thomo's earlier post..? where he discusses just how hard navwar make it to do business with them in this day of internet ordering and online payments and stuff?

One international fax later, and of course, it isn't cost effective to do a small order, so three navies coming my way in 1/3000 from Navwar..   Japan, UK and USSR. Japan could be involved almost anywhere in the Pacific (Kuriles anyone?) - Russia world-wide, and the UK because of relatives who served in the RN...

Lead pledge broken...   or do really, really, tiny ships not count?


  1. Really, really, tiny ships would be 1/6000th Hallmark ships from Magister Militum :-P - see

  2. Oh, and I almost forgot - bwahahahaha!