Monday 11 June 2012

Wintercon 2012 Game 2

Game 2 was against Paul Stanton, who had borrowed my Later Carthaginian. I knew what to expect. Paul hasn't played a lot in the last few years and is new to DBMM, but he is a cagey customer who knows what to do.

The Carthaginian Right, Bd(F), Sp(O) and (I) hit by Blades.. Ouch

While Paul is cagey I had deployed a sea to cramp him up, and deploying first made sure I was in his face before he could use his superior numbers of mounted to get around me.

This made sure it was essentially a roll forward straight up fight..   and I got lucky in a couple of places. Once the Sp are down to single rank it is really a case of 'Game Over' and I ground my way through in a few bounds. Minor losses in Blades adding up to 10% of the army, so a 23-2 to me.

My 'Blue' Command, note.. some of these are fake!
I suspect Paul was harking back a bit to DBM, but generally speaking the game still went smoothly.

End of Day 1, early finish - off to watch Rugby, and drink excellent red wine till 2am...

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