Monday 11 June 2012

Scaling the Lead Mountain

I have decided I need to get more disciplined about the lead mountain, so I started mentally jotting down what I have, so I could then prioritise. I think I may be planned out to 2025.

So roughly, here's what's lurking in boxes...  scary...

6mm Ancients - I have lead for 4 armies
6mm ECW Scots - a good start, but plenty to do.
6mm WSS - British half done
6mm Napoleonic Peninsular British -  a good start, about 20% finished to a standard I am happy with
6mm FPW -  low on the pecking order
6mm BKCII -  lots done, but still have enough to do early war French, more Early War Germans, Normandy/Italy Germans, plus huge Commonwealth (Normandy) forces to do.
6mm CWC - not much unpainted, but the SADF and Vietcong to finish. Plenty of spare stuff for smaller forces too. I am not sure whether I shouldn't split out the main Arab style forces and get some done up as genuine Warpac, 1960s/70s British to do (Centurions and Chieftains.. yummy), finish off the Desert Storm Brits too.
6mm FWC - 3 more armies - including the very beautiful Dark Realm stuff, plus bits and pieces for the SAC
15mm Ancients - I must have the lead for 20 - 30 DBA armies, and at least 5 or 6 DBMM armies, Egyptians, Thebans, Any number of Arab types, Sui Chinese, Italian Condotta, WotR and way more.
15mm ECW/TYW -  hundreds of figures, but still bare lead
15mm WW1 - have enough for a decent sized British HiTT Force plus aircraft
15mm Moderns - heaps plus vehicles for Iraq/Afghanistan, plus stuff suitable for AK47, somehow ended up with 4-5 Abrams as well...
15mm Sci-Fi - two decent sized forces for Tomorrow's War plus vehicles etc.
28mm Ancients - just Sasanians & enough GW Empire & Bretonnians to do medievals as well.... 
28mm SAGA stuff - enough for a couple of warbands, plastic and metal Vikings mainly
Then there is all the other stuff...
Full Thrust - 3 fleets to finish, extended SAC, additional Japanese, and finally finish off the UNSC.
DBSA -  I have almost another 20 1/3000 WTJ ships to finish, plus 5 Houstons ships for Ironclads
Napoleonic Naval - about 20 Langtons 1/1200 French to finish.
Asterix the Gaul figures.. I have been buying steadily on eBay, and have almost the full set to paint.


  1. Hmm, you'll have me cataloguing next. I think I can match a lot of that. Perhaps it is time to see what I haven't done for a while :-)

  2. I must have been particularly bored. I set up a spreadsheet and tried to work out a mathematical formula for the paint priority.. but failed to add in things like, 'do I have any other army that I could use for this game' - I tried to use a raw count of the number of games I played under that rule system as well, but neglected to identify games/played over current number of armies... and so on. It could become hideously complex. When you start figuring things in like how much effort to complete, additional purchases needed and so on.. not to mention intangibles like.. how much do I want to play this game.