Wednesday 6 June 2012

Early Imperials WiP Part 3

So it is now what - two more painting days till Wintercon..  less, because I am having a hit-out tomorrow at the Club.

Anyway, I did a bit this morning, just the first 'drybrush' on the bases, as per the 'Baccus Basing System' (which frankly I could do a little cheaper just by buying the raw materials separately, but I like the consistency and convenience).

So here's how the boys look at the moment...

The red legion have had shield decals added.

The green legion are a white base plus green ink wash.

More decals on the Cavalry.

*Footnote, the wagons are from Eureka, who make a lovely set of 'Roman' baggage. I was lucky enough to win a set and I am very pleased with them.


  1. They're looking good mate and I agree with your comments regarding the Baccus basing system.

    The Evil Empire has repackaged their sand which seems nice and fine so I am planning on Baccus for 6mm Mediterranean look at GW plus other acrylic washes for 15mm ACW and 6mm Russia.

  2. Managed to get a second drybrush on last night, plus brass colours on a couple of helmets and cornicen, so they are loking almost good enough to put on a table.. So now I just need to paint.. let's see... trousers.. flesh highlight, hair, reins and saddles, leatherwork, steel on the sword sheaths etc... only about 24 hours solid work there..