Thursday 31 March 2022

The Great Game

No, not the massive Waterloo wargame of a couple of years back, but 'The Great Game' - the term used to describe the rivalry over India between Great Britain and Russia. And one of the key players was this chap... 


Now Flashman may be a bigot, imbued with all the vices and prejudices of a roistering poltroon, and have a singularly un-PC approach to women, but he's also enormously entertaining, remarkably accurate historically and is a dreadful temptation to new periods and armies. 

With Sharp Practice being a game that can be played as a 'straight' wargame, or as something much more Hollywood, having 'characters' can really create a whole additional layer of fun.

So when I saw that Studio Miniatures made a figure that is the absolute character to a tee..  what could be more natural than to add him to my collection? And Winterpig makes a collection based on a certain movie, set a little later than the Mutiny perhaps but with some figures that can be re-used. 

As usual, Flash is between an egregious villain and a charming maiden... 

Of course there are many possible names for an Indian Governor and his wife.. 

Finally, another Studio Miniatures Sikh Wars officer, and a doughty sergeant of the 1st Foot & Mouth

Should be an added bit of fun... And there's a few other things nearing completion.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, I always really enjoy these additional little bits and pieces that add character. Now where did I leave my 3d printed Indian Bazaar set?

  2. Great figures. I miss read the post and thought it was going to be Flashdance for a second. Imagine Harry singing Time of my life …

    1. There's an image, though by the time Jennifer Beale was getting into her leotard, Harry would have been about 180...