Tuesday 9 July 2019

Heavy Metal - Tanks Galore!

I have had a number of vehicles just progressing in bits and pieces over the last little while and I finally finished up a few of them.

First of all, I picked up a trio of Warlord plastic Hetzers at a show for next to nothing, with every intention of selling a couple, but hey, things, and stuff you know. So here they are.

And number two in this line up is a fun little flamethrower tank... 

And finally,  another vanilla Hetzer. I will never get to use 3, so I expect one of them will get swapped or given away at some stage.

Everyone should have one. Again another bargain at a tenner for the Warlord plastic Tiger II kit at a show. The moulded Zimmerit isn't the best, but the alternative would be to do a huge amount of green stuff work.


My Perry US infantry are going to need some support if they are going to come up against some of these beasties, first up the Hellcat.

Yet another show bargain, the Warlord plastic M4. If I was to build this kit again, I would definitely shave off and replace the decidedly dodgy tow cable. The crew figure is also disappointing, being very undersized.

And finally, the Greyhound reconnaissance car...  It just didn't look right with no crew, so I pinched the commander from the Hellcat. 

So, quite happy with this update, and the British will get some love next.

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