Tuesday 14 May 2019

Resin Scenery Items, WIP & Stuff

Over the years, I have visited a few shows and demo games, and for me a real part of the pleasure of wargaming is the aesthetics of the thing.  (Yes, I'm talking to you, show-gamers, with your rules and papers, and cans and dice and tape measures.. )

So one of the things I really like is all the nicely done terrain, yes, we aren't all going to game on terra-formed squares depicting every undulation, but you can get a decent mat, and make sure the features have basing that matches, paint them properly and so on. One of the things that can make a layout feel real and have lots of points of visual interest, is the collection of little things, livestock, a haystack, a ditch diggers cart and so on. Scatter terrain is the usual term.

So I am always on the lookout for inexpensive pieces that can be added to a table to create interest or add to the verisimilitude of the scenario, whether that be telegraph poles, a garden shed or a peasant on a bicycle. I came across 'AnyScale Models' on eBay, it appears to be a small company doing resin castings for a variety of scales, plus some wargames items in 20 & 28mm. The prices are very cheap, so I made a small order for a variety of stuff.

Flakvierling, clever use of nails, but good luck with drilling out the barrels 

Storage set - I liked the cable drum

Oil barrels.. anyone know what oil company labels for 1940 France?

Tyres, sold as 'fenders for boats' 

You can see a couple of bubbles in this stowage set
Overall, I was very happy with the Anyscale products, they are very well priced, the service was good, and there's plenty of variety. Their field workshop set for 28mm was very tempting to add to my garage, but I resisted. 

In other stuff, just working up some of the models I picked up at Carronade, both terrain and vehicles.

Just some WIP vehicles, you can spot the PzII & Sherman I got at Carronade
 Plus a random game I managed to get in the other week.. 
A quick Wings of War/Glory game with Jimmy & the nephew last week 


  1. Compagnie Française des Pétroles created 1924.,Aerul, Textul, Motul. Shell also had petrol stations in France in 1940.

  2. Thanks Drew. Now I need to find some period logos to add to the oil drums. Surprisingly tricky for the CFP. Worst case scenario, I do some Shell ones.