Thursday 25 August 2016

At Long Last

Firstly - if you actually follow this blog, it has been a very long interval between posts. Real life, in the form of a new job, an international move, and so on, has intervened. Virtually all of my toys have been sold, put in storage or loaned out to friends. So wargaming has been on something of a hiatus, not least till I find some players here in my new home in Scotland.

But all has not been lost, I managed to make it to Carronade - the wargames show in Falkirk, and to Claymore, which is the big Scottish show in Edinburgh, and I picked up some bits and pieces at both. My Indiegogo and Kickstarter stuff has started to trickle in, a good friend in Australia has sent on some lead, and I have even picked up a paint-brush. So - a quick recap:

Arrived with all my 6mm Baccus stuff packed into a small box, hidden in a cardboard box of clothing along with paints..  Rules, I brought Horse, Foot & Guns, and DBMM, ordered a replacement copy of DBA3, and when I got here, got my copy of Sharp Practice 2, plus counters. So, have rules, figures next.

Baueda sent me the Indiegogo funded packs I had been waiting for,'Italo-Normans' - lovely figures, but unfortunately, still pending their release of crossbowmen. These will eventually form a DBMM Early Crusader army, led by Bohemond, once Claudio gets the crossbowmen done.

In other DBMM news, John sent me over the Pass of the North Mongols, a tiny army, and even padding with a 'Brilliant' General, plus stratagems, left me two elements short of a 400AP standard army. A quick appeal on 'Fanaticus' and the very generous Greg K. dropped some leftovers in the post. Absolutely lovely figures, with a huge number of variants, and sadly out of production now. These guys have to be ready by October to compete at Derby so painting is underway!

At Carronade: the second hand stall had a whole bunch of American War of Independence (AWI) British, 28mm Foundry so I picked up enough for Sharp Practice, and a box of the Perry Plastics for their opponents..   Warbases supplied a pack of carts..  some dice, and bob's your uncle.

Claymore - hmm..   Baccus was there, so I came away with a whole WSS Imperials pack, plus flags.

And for some inexplicable reason - I had a look at the 1st Corps 28mm WW2 range, and ended up with a pack each of their German and British infantry squads...

Oh well, at some stage I will add another couple of squads each, and get some Chain of Command games in..

Back to the Mongols...   Bactrian baggage camels arrived in the post yesterday. Now there's a phrase you don't use very often!

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  1. We have a DBA/HotT evening once a month at Falkirk if you are interested. Figures are provided. Let me know if you are interested