Thursday 3 March 2016

WSS - First Outing

So - 6 years after we originally planned, Nick and I finally managed to get our 6mm Baccus War of the Spanish Succession forces onto a table at the club.

We originally intended to use the Polemos rules, but as we didn't really have the time to familiarise ourselves with these, and a new edition is scheduled, we decided to give Phil Barker's 'Horse, Foot & Guns' a try. Copies are available free online, though we both had a copy of the Lulu print, and as we are experienced DBMM players, the mechanics are very familiar.

I have to say - it was a gripping game, played on the club terrain, and I was very happy with how the armies looked in 6mm.  Really gave a great visual impression. Scaling is an issue for me though, as technically, the bases should each represent a brigade, but I had scaled the army at each base to a regiment (battalion) - theoretically, I could go back and repaint some as Dutch or other allied forces, but I really don't want to. 

So here's how it looked...  sorry, I didn't take more photographs, but the game was too much fun to break it up.

The British army confronts the French forces

Closer up

The table French on the left, a further British command arrived to attack the French right

The view from the opposite flank.
Cracking game, highly recommend HFG in this scale.


  1. Everything in the photos (terrain and units) look Superb!

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the kind comments, and yes, visually it looked splendid, the rules played well, and it just felt right. I am becoming more convinced that for new periods, 6mm is the way to go. There were only 30 or so bases a side, but it felt right.

  2. Great looking game. What battle was it, historical or made up/what if? My fellow gamers and me have been playing WSS for some years using GaPa rules. We have used them up to Blenheim size battles.

    1. Hi there, 'nitpickergeneral' - it was just made up using the available forces we had for 1706. We split a Baccus army pack plus some additional infantry packs some years ago, and originally, intended the for use with Polemos, but HFG seems to work very well. I have the issue that my forces are not correctly scaled - so for future use I have to paint up a bunch of allies.

  3. Here in the part of New Zealand I live in a small group have been using 25mm to play WSS using the HFG rules. They are using 80mm frontage bases and really enjoying themselves. They are rebasing other armies for HFG and buying new ones :-)