Wednesday 16 March 2016

WSS- 6mm in Pictures

Now that I have actually completed a project, I thought I would show the results - Overall, these were very very quick and easy to paint, looking at the pictures you can see that they are mostly just 'dots' or 'blobs' of colour, with the exception of the hat lace. The 'wargamer's view' (below) is how they will mostly be viewed, so I am very happy with that. Baccus have now recast the War of the Spanish Succession range, so the latest sculpts will form my Imperials and French regiments when I build matching opponents.

So here they are:

Massed British Horse & Dragoons

Massed British Infantry

Command & Artillery

Minor States Firelocks

Foot viewed from typical perspective

Mecklenburg Foot

Horse of Cadogan and Webb

'Supply' Depot


Osnabruck Liebregiment


British Infantry, Guards, Royal Scots, Buffs & Royal Irish

Hesse Kassel

Rear of Firelocks

The Bays

Cadogans and Webbs


  1. Looking fab. Based so they can be used for different rules?

  2. Hi Vince - yes.. Polemos uses 60 x 30 and 30 x 30 for guns and staff, so I have taped together a couple of the bases for HFG. Would also work for virtually any other set as the 60x30 are very versatile. I do really like the way they look en masse. I considered 40 x 20, but it just doesn't take advantage of the smaller scale as they should be used.

  3. They look the business mate - very nice.

    You will need to start working on opponents soon :-P

  4. Already planning a French army - 200 points is 40+ bases. I would just add some Dutch to the British army to match the total.

  5. Well done. I've been enjoying 6mm Horse & Musket gaming for many years. There are so many advantages to the scale.

  6. They look lovely! Great job.