Saturday 5 July 2014

First ICM model

So, I finally opened the box for an ICM model. They are made in Eastern Europe (Ukraine I believe) and I bought this one from Martola, a Polish supplier.

So the Martola stuff arrived neatly packed (I also picked up some Dragon and Revell kits at the same time) - and the ICM model was the German Sdkfz 223 radio vehicle. It comes with a wide range of decals (I count rego plates and decals for 8 different vehicles), a small brass etched sprue, and two sprues, one for the basic vehicle and a second one for the aerial.

I have to say, this is a lovely model. The parts are lovely and crisp, the plastic glues well (Italeri take note!) it goes together beautifully, no warping, for example on the hull and upper hull, just a beautiful fit, there is a tiny amount of flash, easily cleaned, and plenty of detail. (For example, wheels are three parts each, tyre, hub and armoured hub protection.)

So here it is, just waiting for the glue to set properly. Would certainly buy ICM again (and use Martola).

And next, I am going to get back into painting some actual figures..   either 15mm Hellenestic or maybe some 20mm Chain of Command.

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