Monday 7 July 2014

Big Cat Diary - Updated

Having added the cable for the headlamp (fusewire) and a broom bristle aerial to the King Tiger, I hauled out the airbrush (I am still a little scared of it), and started laying down some colour. A mix of Vallejo Middlestone 882 and artists 'Antique White' mixed with some water and some window cleaner.

I then added some more 'Antique White' to the mix and started adding some highlights to the panels. I guess it is what's known as modulation. It's the first time I have tried it, so I kept the effect fairly subtle.

Here's the results:

I am now pondering whether to do the 'ambush' camouflage with the airbrush or by hand. From most of the picture interpretations I have seen, it is usually quite hard edged, though there are quite well known photographs of Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung 503 crew applying camouflage to a King Tiger using hand spray guns.

I suppose I should really hand paint the core colours then try to use the airbrush to 'fuzz' the edges. I am not confident about it though, and as I am very happy with the build, I might just stick to handpainting. Back to looking at pictures for inspiration...  Might tackle at least one colour tonight.

Colours and base highlights blocked in. Will wait for them to set then varnish. Once that's done..  weathering ;-) - rain streaks, oil spills, dust and chips.


  1. Airbrush! Airbrush! Airbrush!

  2. Too late... I hand-painted ambush camouflage in the last half-hour - all the base colours are on, so I will give it 24 hours, apply gloss varnish all over, decal, and start weathering.

  3. One quick update later...