Monday 2 June 2014

The Starfish Returns!

Those who remember a previous post, will recall a Cromwell stuck down with bits of paper. It's my attempt at the British hessian camouflage.  Well, it's now finished.... ok, almost.
Needs dullcote and a commander...

Just awaiting aerials - and a crewman.

And a sneaky PzI. - ESCI kit, oh how I swore at those tracks.


  1. PzI ... I can see the track crack :-)

    Esci had possibly the worst tracks of any manufacturer. I've often thought of modelling them with a thrown track ... just to make it a little easier to construct ;-)

  2. Impossible to glue, I tried three different glues over three days.. I immersed them in boiling water around a mould.. all that happened was they fell to bits. I was about ready to hit the thing with a hammer. Maybe I will go build the Italeri Puma instead.. it has wheels, not tracks.... :-)