Friday 6 June 2014

D-Day - 6th of June

Peter and I played a game last night for the 70th Anniversary, seems like the only D-Day game played at the club.

6mm 21st Panzer Dvision attacking elements of British 3rd Infantry Division (supported by a Yeomanry regiment).

We used club terrain, 6mm models and BKCII rules, and due to a small error on my part, (I used the wrong calculator for the Brits), it was 3345 points of Allies keen to capture two vital crossroads - running into 21st Panzer coming the other way.

My phone camera unfortunately died after set-up, so I am waiting for Peter to post some of the shots showing Typhoons stalking the Normandy country-side, while burning Shermans litter the fields.

So here's the terrain:

And here's the action unfolding:
Typhoons stooging about - looking for some trade - Roger Wilco

British Command unit supported by Recce Regt Cromwells

British advance rapidly to the edge of the central village - Yeomanry in the lead

A similar group enters the leftmost hamlet

German Fallschirmjager plus Command beside the sunken road

German Left, PzIV and Rommel's 'Funnies'

The Typhoons first air strike

The anti-aircraft fire misses and German casualties start

British 25lb unleash a massive stonk onto open topped AFVs

But the British armour on the right cops a pasting

The Recce Regt and supports also take a beating

Oh - Oh, the boys in blue are back..

In the village, the Brits consolidate

View from rear of Brits left

The real winners a British artillery regiment

Fallschirmjager successfully close assault the remnants of the Recce Regt

German left moves up to cover the sunken lane

And get's hammered by 17lb AT, the Firefly, artillery and air attacks

At this stage, Peter conceded that 21 Panzer would not be breaking through to the beaches.

Cracking good game. Neither of us had played in a while - but I felt like we got through it all with minimal mistakes. Cheers!


  1. Excellent looking game, great terrain and great AAR.

    "At the going down of the sun we will remember them"

  2. Enjoyed the read and the pictures. Great game.

  3. Nice report - love the Typhoons (but always preferred the Tempest).

  4. Nice looking game to guve me something to aim for in 1939-41 :/)