Friday 5 July 2013

Teeny Tiny Choppers

No, not this Chopper..  but teeny tiny 1/1200 British Lynx and Wasp helicopters available through TSS (QRF)

I didn't even bother with a photograph, as they are much too small to see properly.. And I think I am going to be very challenged as to how to base them.

I think I am back to my basic problem of finding aircraft for the various modern fleets. The GHQ packs are starting to look like the only option, but they have only a limited range. I can get Soviet naval aircraft, but no Soviet helicopters...

Unfortunately, the 1/2400 static stuff from Navwar isn't suitable for sticking onto decks and so on as they are on quite chunky bases. .. 

Hmmmm - a puzzle. What is everyone else doing I wonder?


  1. Slightly larger than what your after

  2. Thanks Matt, they would work well for ones in the air, but I am still waiting to find some that will be suitable for putting on the decks of the carriers and escorts..