Thursday 27 June 2013

New Fleet Started

So these Navwar ships are very easy to paint. This was one days work. Tack to cardboard using thinned PVA. Attach the ship descriptions from the packs (otherwise I am sure to confuse Type 22 Block 2 with Block 3), undercoat spray gray. Wash with GW Badab Black, then wet-brush a very pale gray, and pick out details with white, black and a pale Indian red for decks. (Yes I know - probably not accurate..)  I will go back and redo the hulls to make them more even.

So pretty much from spray one morning, to this stage the next day. Basing and preparing labels actually takes much longer.  I reckon I may get out the jig-saw and have a go at some craft wood - as the last basing material wasn't ideal (spray varnish ate into the base sides).

Now I just need to re-read the rules and once that's done, put down a couple of ships and try out a solo game.