Tuesday 22 May 2012

Early Imperials WiP

Just a quick taste since it has been so long. An Early Imperial Roman army (Year 0) I am painting up for DBMM. In the list books it is II/56 EIR.

Still some decisions to make. I have the lovely Corvis Belli figures, including some of the 'winter legionaries' in cloaks etc. So I am considering patches of snow on the bases. Not yet decided, and a long way to go before I need to decide. This little lot are intended for use at Wintercon. So still a couple of weeks to get them over the line.. 

So far they have been pretty standard. 'Chainmail colour' then a black wash (GW Badab Black), then flesh, now I have gone back and done tunic edging, sleeves in a uniform colour.

I tried something new for the wooden things (Carts and so on).Heavy wet-brush of light grey, then a wash of the 'Coat d Arms' Brown Ink Wash. (You would think they would have better names for these than just 'Brown' - like 'Bilious Brown' or 'Umbraceous Orridness' - but no, Coat d Arms - 'Brown', similarly, they have one also called 'Black. How unimaginative. Anyway, relatively pleased how it has turned out. Lots more washes to do, especially horses and cloaks, but good progress.

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  1. A motivational post to get you painting again - especially after the hiatus over the last couple of months? 'tis a pity I will miss Wintercon this year, was looking forward to it.