Sunday 27 May 2012

DBA with a Twist

Home from a very enjoyable competition at the Austrian-Australian Club, run by the indefatigable David Lawrence, who this time also played as we had odd numbers. Very nice to see him get a chance to play. David had tweaked the rules, and Hordes acted basically as another form of Psiloi, providing support to all friends. I brought my Communal Italians, List III/72(b), Kn general, 2 x Kn, 2 x Sp, 2 x Ax, 2 x 8Bw, 1 x WWg, and 2 Hordes...

Many games somewhat blurred, I started off against Greg (Gregorious from the Fanaticus list), who was running Papal Italian. A very tight game, which I eventually won out 4 - 3.

David Osborne was next with his Classical Indians.. difficult.. and I managed to not lose. My Auxilia couldn't kill bow, and David used a single Blade very effectively. This game timed out. The first time this has happened to me in years at DBA. We played the next bound anyway, and his elephants died. But the score still stood at 1-1.

Next up, Steve with his Feudal English, I massed a block of Bow and Wwg, and pushed forward, shooting down his knights with embarassing ease.

Game four.. Peter Phelps..  running Alexandrian Macedonians. I managed to be 6-1'd to death, oh dear. I killed his general, but even then he kept rolling 6 & 5 for PIPs and 6s in combat. Notably my Kn general failed to kill his artillery at 4-2 in my favour with a quick kill in three attempts.. grrrrrrrrrr.

Game five, Brenton Searle with his Armagnacs - a tough fight, in which I eventually triumphed - thanks to a combination of cheese and some excellent dice rolling. The final bound saw me kill three elements to add to the three we had each lost. 6 elements and I was confident I might be up there for the executioner award.

Finally - Murray Woodford and his English..  I pushed on one flank, and with the war wagon and 8 bow, eventually shot down enough of his bow to win the game. This was a major comeback from the start of the game, where the first combat roll was a 6-1 in his favour to kill a Sp with Artillery.

All up a very fun day, and surprisingly, one loss, one unfinished game and 4 wins was  enough for second place. Murray won first place having won 5 out of six.  Owen, who finished equal on points was given third on countback (number of Hordes!). Greg got the executioner award, and Brenton got the handicap award. (David handicaps armies and gives a prize for the winner of the biggest rating comparison..)

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