Tuesday 2 August 2022

1/150 WW2 for Iron Cross and BKC

As promised, I followed up on my WW2 US forces with a roughly Normandy themed German force. Again, all 3d printed. I wasn't so keen on the infantry, but they will do. 

Similarly to the US, I wish I had added crew figures to the open topped vehicles. This time I added some foliage to add a bit more interest as well. Just some small clump foliage added with PVA, then lightly drybrushed yellow ochre. 

The painting was very simple - the airbrush got a workout, added tracks etc. washed everything in Agrax Earthshade, lightly drybrushed Vallejo Buff. My only annoyance is that the I94 decals from Pendraken are quite badly out of register on all 6 sheets I used. 

The stl files were all from Thingiverse again, scaled down to 66.7% from the 1:100 files from M. Bergman. 

I also printed myself off some 1/150 1940 French and some 1941 Russians. Next up will be some 40/41 Germans who can face off either (yes I know, but a PzIVD is a PzIVD, especially in 1/150). 

Hopefully I will get to Claymore in Edinburgh this weekend, and collect some more bases. I might do some Early War BEF as well... we shall see.


  1. Nicely done Doug, a powerful but well balanced force.


    1. Thanks Willz, the big cats are there for completeness and for scenarios. They are a bit overwhelming for most occasions. I am still hunting down some files to do panzerschreks and 75mm Pak 40.