Sunday 2 May 2021

Malayan Platoon

Having checked back, I see I first started assembling my 2 Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders for the Malaya Campaign back in December 2019, so 18 months later, I have finally finished these guys. 

The whole platoon plus supports
Of course, as a wargamer, no platoon is ever finished, and I found myself printing off a 1/56 Marmon-Herrington the other day/ So there will be one more vehicle added, then that's it. I promise. No really, stop laughing there.

2lb AT gun, Perry Miniatures

Vickers MMG, Perry Miniatures

Command plus 2" mortar, Boyes AT rifle, Medic and FOO. 

A close up of the squads

Another glamour shot

The first squad

The figures are from the Perry Desert Rats plastic set, with additional heads from Woodbine. I'm quite pleased how these turned out. Looking forward to getting them into the jungle.


  1. These have turned out really well indeed.

  2. Great work Doug, look the business 😊

  3. I like the obligatory non-com with red hair, very appropriate.

    They are looking good Doug, all ready to battle on the tabletop.

  4. Thanks chaps, and there are a couple of other red heads lurking in there. Looking at him now, I confess to being tempted to tone the redness down. Will resist for the moment. There is a great deal of satisfaction that the Japanese and the Empire forces are done, though I probably now need to build dozens of entrenchments and fortifications as well. And it occurs to me that if I now completed the USMC platoon, hmmmm...

  5. Looking good. Had an interesting discussion about whether the Vickers tanks (tankettes?) were used in Malaya. Appears confusion arose because they were dispatched from N Africa for Singapore. They arrived and unloaded from ships only to be loaded back on 24 hours later and sent to Java once it looked like Singapore was about to fall. They were involved in the defence of Java supporting KNIL units but were all lost following the surrender.

    1. Thanks for that. There are conflicting reports and no one seems to have a definitive answer. In this case it's masquerading as an India pattern light tank. There are suggestions a few served in Malaya but no concrete evidence. And of course, instead of adding one vehicle I've printed off the Marmin Herrington, two more carriers, one with the Boyes AT rifle, and an India Pattern Carrier.

  6. Outstanding work on these Far Eat types Doug - look forward to seeing them in table top action!