Sunday 5 April 2020


So yesterday, I was prepping some of the Warbases 1p sabot bases I use for Sharp Practice. In this case, this involved applying white glue to the top of the base, and then covering in sand to get a texture. (Later I will add cat-litter rocks etc..)

Having applied sand, I leave them to dry a little, then go back and scrape inside the recesses with a sharp knife to remove the inevitable overspill. It's time consuming and messy.

Here's an example of the sand finish, these aren't the sabot bases, but markers I did for wounded leaders. Sabot bases from Supreme Littleness, skulls were in my accessories box.

So as I looked at the finished result after a couple of hours.. it occurred to me I could get virtual identical results if I could buy a 'top' for the base, cut from medium Sandpaper to the same spec as the base, and just stick that on.

So I can't believe no-one has suggested this? If Martin (Warbases) is watching...  personally, I think it's genius, and a real timesaver.


  1. Having tried, it's rather difficult to cut sandpaper to a desired size and shape, so there could definitely be space for a commercial product here.

    1. That was my thought, so for example warbases could do their sabot bases, eg. the 4 x 2 1p slots, and an add on product could be a sandpaper cutout to the same dimensions. Provided they weren't hideously expensive I know I would buy them, as they would be a huge time-saver.