Wednesday 11 December 2019

Always More Toys

one of the traps of the Chain of Command rules is that you look at the available support options in a list, and think 'yeah, that would be a very cool vehicle' although there's actually pretty good odds for most, they will be used once, if at all.

But I'm a sucker for cool vehicles, especially when they are free, cheap secondhand, or available heavily discounted. So here's the latest batch to roll out of the painting shed.

Rubicon Sdkfz 250

Rubicon Sdkfz 251 

Italeri AB41 (1/48)

Resin PzIV unknown make - could not get this one to work.
I'm thinking I might drape some foliage over the PzIV. I just could not get this one to 'feel' right. The model itself isn't great, and I just couldn't get the paint to work for me. It's still a Late War Pz IV, but the quality of this and the Rubicon Panzer IV D/E I have to paint is light years apart. 

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