Tuesday 19 November 2019

Soviets Urrah!

Finally completed my Soviet platoon plus basic supports for Chain of Command.

It's been a lengthy process, and I had already completed the armour, but here they are; not the greatest paint job ever, but very serviceable.

Leaders & Support Options, Commissar & Medic

1st Squad, including two scouts

2nd Squad, including two scouts

3rd Squad, including two scouts
4th Squad, including two scouts
Junior Leader and AT Gun

Medium Machine Gun

Infantry gun & Junior Leader
All the supports - mortar, sniper, AT rifle, MMG and KV1 & T34

The figures are a mix of PSC Plastic 28mm Soviets, Crusader figures and some odd BTD picked up second hand. The artillery, mortar and MMG are PSC, while the tanks are Warlord Games plastic.


  1. I would say that they are more than serviceable, they are in fact painted to a high standard and I'd be proud to have them on my table. You've really mastered the shading and highlighting for Rus uniforms.

  2. Thankyou Padre, that's very kind of you, and very glad to see from your blog that life has taken a new twist for you. The uniform effect was a sneaky technique, black undercoat, light airbrush of Tamiya Khaki, then airbrush of Tamiya Buff from above, and wash. The other thing I did at the end was a light airbrush of boots and bases with Tamiya Flat Earth to dull down the bases and get a dusty effect.