Monday 12 June 2017

Danes Finished

Very happy with these, both how they have eventually turned out, and secondly, with how fast they have been to paint up.

The force is designed to be a small Danish All-Arms battlegroup that could be expected to operate defensively in Denmark itself.

The M109 are Zvezda 1/100 plastic models, the Harrier is by Revell, and featured in a previous post, and the rest are all from Geoff at QRF.

When I say these are finished, I succumbed to temptation and put through a follow up order with Geoff for some mortars, Unimogs as tows, more Landrovers, and reconnaissance in the form of M41 Walker Bulldogs..   utterly useless on a wargames table, but pretty.

A borrowed RAF Harrier

M113 APC

Armour Command, Centurion Mk 5/2 

M109 SPG, the FAO in his Landrover, and the Engineers' Unimog

AT capability, TOW on Landrovers

Battlegroup Command and the Forward Air Controller (I may give him a blue beret)

The PBI, conscripts mostly.

And the whole force assembled, small but perfect.
Rather fun to put together, I am hoping the nephew will finish up his East Germans for Team Yankee and we can get forces onto a table.

I also still have acccess to the Cold War Commander  battlegroups online tool, so I ran up 2000 points for each, and I am pretty confident I can play 90% without the rules (which are in storage). So if TY doesn't work* there's a fallback. And Plan C is to take inspiration from Chain of Command and write my own.

*Well - actually, I am pretty confident they aren't much chop, but I will give them a fair go.


  1. Nice work, well done on getting them done so quickly.

  2. Thanks Jason. They were fun and easy to do. I haven't done much modern in 15mm, so these were interesting and experimental.

  3. I tried TY last month; it's clearly not aiming very high on the plausibility front, but seemed perfectly adequate as a game.

  4. Danes lovely. A soft spot for me and if you are using Walker Bulldogs you have an excuse to have an F-100 scooting overhead as well.


  5. Crickey that is literally great work!

    1. Thanks mate. I really enjoyed doing these, and they are so quick to do.

  6. Realy great ��
    What Company are the base-models of the M41s and the Land Rovers from?