Sunday 28 May 2017

The Ball o' Kirriemuir

So this weekend, I took the short trip (30 minutes), up the road to Kirriemuir, to play at the Kirriemuir Wargames Club.

Attendance was a bit thin, primarily because quite a few of the members had been to Partizan in Newark with the 'Bloody Big Battles' Gettysburg game. So we were very fortunate that Dale made a huge effort to organise a smashing big game using some of his 28mm Napoleonics.

Now in common with most wargamers, there's a touch of Obsession, a soupcon of Megalomania and certainly an uncontrollable lead lust, so the game naturally was 'Big'  - in keeping with the Auld Alliance, I took the French, tasked with defending a vital river crossing somewhere in Spain.

The rules used were General de Brigade, which I have played before, and they give a pretty good game, though to be honest, the initiative roll seems to be absolutely critical. Late in the game, the British had a series of rolls to win the initiative, and I was virtually steam rollered in one sector.

All in all a great fun game, thanks to my opponent, Chris, and to Dale for doing all the heavy lifting (literally!)

A sleepy Spanish town, somewhere near the French border.

On my left, one of my battalions routs in the face of a suicidal British charge across the river, The neighbouring French battery does great execution though.

Chris moves up the Royal Scots in another suicidal attack, this time, French musketry drove it back.

On my right the Brigade of Guards shrugs off enfilading French Horse Artillery

French Dragoons hang about optimistically hoping to catch the Guards disordered by the river.
Lots of fun, classic style wargaming, and I am now keen to get my Napoleonics painted up, though as my basing is designed for Sharp Practice, it's not really compatible with these guys.


  1. A beautiful looking game. 28mm Napoleonics are the best looking tabletop in existence.

  2. Thanks Guys, only sorry we didn't get it on the table faster, as I think a couple more turns would have been decisive. Great fun.