Tuesday 14 July 2015

Frankish Banners

The Lancashire Games Goths come with moulded on Draco standards, but I wanted to add a little more colour, and also match dice colours for the DBMM commands to the figures.

A quick Google showed not a lot for the Franks, so I decided to use a bit of artistic licence. The Commander is St Guntram or 'War Raven' so I found some suitable Raven iconography (there are loads around for Vikings, but I wanted something different), Mummolus, his favourite general got some early version of the Burgundian ragged cross, Childebert II the bees that were later appropriated by Napoleon, and Chilperic, being a loyal Gallo-Roman of Provencal, got a pretty standard 'Byzantine' style Labarum.

They were all drawn onto standard paper freehand in pencil, and then painted carefully by hand.

Guntram's War Raven banner
Chilperic's 'Late Roman' Labarum
All of them together
 Overall, while I took a quick and dirty painting method for these guys, I am pretty happy with the overall result.

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