Sunday 5 April 2015

A Japanese Castle

So for whatever reason, I thought it might be nice to have a Japanese fort to go with the Peter Pig Samurai I am supposed to be painting. I dug up some foamcore and card, and had a go. Here's stages one through six. Scale is for a DBA fort, so the base is 80mm x 80mm...

 The base, it will be built up with Polyfilla, to look like the rock base you see on Japanese castles.

 Foamcore, I really do need to use a sharper blade, there are a few ragged edges.

 Coming along..  rubber band to aid alignment.

Main structures complete. Needs tidying, edges neatened and window alignment sorted.

Started doing the tiled roofs, eventually I will apply milliput and stroke down to create a tiled effect.

Roofs and shutters on. Next steps are the sloppy polyfilla coverage for the walls, to hide a multitude of sins, then build up a rocky base, milliput for the roofs. I am also thinking of putting a Tori gate in between the two courtyards, one will be a garden (at the back), the other a cobbled area.

I'm pretty pleased so far, but the wall effects will be the critical part.

Wall bases and a Torii added...
 And now reduced one window overhang, and added ridges - much more Japanese now

2 am...  ok, texture added..

And Today... 


  1. And are those the samurai in the background of photo number 2 or ...

  2. That's coming along really nicely. Good inspiration for me to try my hand at doing some model buildings using these materials one day. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.

    1. Thanks for that. Today progress is slow because it's damp and paint is taking forever to dry.