Saturday 15 November 2014

New Medieval Army in 15mm

I am starting to build up a new army in 15mm for the Later Medieval period in DBMM2.  Last week was very productive, with 23 mounted elements completed, and this week, the remaining 41 foot elements are on the painting table.

I am hoping this one will be my Cancon 2015 army, but this year, I am aiming to have it finished in good time, so I can play a couple of games before the convention, unlike just about every other year, where my army still smells of spray varnish on the morning of the tournament.

Here's this week's painting challenge:

Lots of Bow, Artillery, and sundry others...

This one is a general, and the portrait below is a hint...  


  1. Good luck. A friend has just finished a Scottish Medieval Army and it looks great. My old Tin Soldier Burgundians are desperately in need of some reinforcements.

  2. Thanks for that. The flesh and basic metal colours were done this afternoon, next up the base colours. I am restricting my palette to basically red, yellow, grey and brown. I rather like how the end result looks on the mounted so far. The figures are a mix of Essex, Mirliton, and some QR figures. They do rather nice heavily armoured crossbowmen, handgunners and some men at arms in their Polish range that work well for Balkan Voynuks.

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  4. Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula