Saturday 17 August 2013

Tunisia 1943 - Germans 6mm BKCII

I have been preparing a 3000 point German mechanised force for a BKCII game set in Tunisia in early 1943. Most of the models are GHQ, with the exception of the Stuka, which is Scotia (I think), I believe Raiden also now do a model which looks very nice, and the 'Diana' which is an Armstrong Model, now sold by Heroics & Ross.

The battle group has been based (loosely) on the Irkens Kampfgruppe, which was essentially a last gasp attack, using virtually all the available armour (not a lot). Nafziger list 943GMXA has it as:

Irkens Kampfgruppe: 
(Also known as the Irkens Panzer brigade, was formed on 24 April 1943. )
5th Panzer Regiment
7th Panzer Regiment
8th Panzer Regiment
501th (Tiger) Panzer Battalion
47th Grenadier Regiment
Artillery Battalion
Italian Artillery Battalion
2 Flak Battalions

By this stage the 47th Grenadier Regiment I believe had been transferred from the 22nd Infantry Division to North Africa in November 1942, and then attached to 21 Pz Div. and re-designated as 47th Panzer Grenader Regiment.

 88mm in firing position

The whole Battle Group 

'Diana' by Armstrong Models, now sold by H&R. A very nice model. Recce unit of Sdkfz 222 in the background.

I am considering whether I should do a lighter dry brush of the ground texture, as it probably should look 'dustier'.


  1. Thanks for that. I could put them on the table and be happy now, but I think I should do some more work on the bases.

  2. Looking good mate - a bit of dead grass and the odd tumble-weed and you're away :-)

  3. Looks great! I'm currently distracted by Bolt Action, but BKC armies are on the to-do list. Your work is inspiring.

    1. Thanks very much David. One real benefit of 6mm is that I can knock them out very quickly, and in real terms they are very cheap to build. Possibly why they are growing at an exponential rate on my shelves!