Saturday 26 January 2013

Day 1 - DBMM at Cancon

The 'Worlds' is on at Cancon - and Day One of DBMM saw 20 players battling it out. Unfortunately the Cyclone in Queensland meant that one player couldn't fly down, and family emergencies took another two players out. So from the initial 24 limit, we were down to 21, and I took the byes as the Umpire.

I have just attached the pictures I took..  Hope you enjoy..  

Antons Huns vs Gregs Ottomans

Andrews Romanian Frank

Aarons Khitan-Liao vs Michaels MIR

Antons Huns

Antons Huns and Michaels MIR

Chris' Tupi and Gerrys EAP

Ians Ottomans

Daves L. Crusader vs Craigs Kommenans

Pauls Trojans vs Darrens Med. French

Pauls Trojans vs Darrens Med. French

And Daves Knights flee from Craigs Cavalry

Gerrys EAP

A lot of Pike, Glens Sumerians

Just a bit broken up...

Ottoman Civil War, Glen vs Ian

John G. Later Swiss vs Darren Med. French

Glens Sumerians vs John G. Later Swiss

Swiss vs Med. French

Swiss and Sumerians

John S. Pre-Samurai Japanese

Andrews Romanian Frank and Karls Later Hungarian

MIR and Khitan

Med. French and Trojans

Glens Sumerians and Pauls Trojans

Tims Classical Gimmicks.. err Indian

Tims Gimmicks vs John S. Pre Samurai Japanese

Tims Classical Indian and Marks WotR

Tims Classical Indian and Marks WotR

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