Friday 14 December 2012

The Man Cave

For quite some time, there have been rumblings from the civil power regarding the degree to which lead, paint and all sundry appurtenances, chattels and otherwise attached 'bits' were taking over the house...

For some inexplicable reason, she seemed to think she should be able to open the door to the study and actually enter the room, without having to pick her way between tottering piles of magazines and 6mm tanks, as well as change the dining room tablecloth without having to move 43 pots of paint, brushes and a large chunk of an ancient Chinese army, or Corgi cars for Geezers, or Sci-Fi Grav vehicles (which of course should have floated off the table very easily...).

Despite having fought back for some time with various distractions, excuses and appeals to togetherness, ("you won't like it when I spend all my time in the shed..") - finally the resistance recognised it was doomed, and consequently I spent several hours carting various boxes, bits, shelves, toolboxes, spray-cans, flock, models, into what has up until now been christened the "Gimp Room".

So now I can barely squeeze myself in there after it all..  at one stage I had even hoped to fit a gaming table in there...  no chance!

And having carted what seemed like hundreds of kilos of lead, I suspect some reorganisation, and even rationalisation might be in order. At the risk of blasphemy....  Some periods and armies I have more figures than I could ever possibly need or even use...

More to come on this topic I suspect....

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  1. Bit cool there in winter I suspect. Still, on a positive note, paint drying time will be super fast in summer :-P