Saturday 29 September 2012

Inca and Ozpocalypto

With the forthcoming end of the universe (well, according to the Mayans at least), the locals thought we might go out with a bang and a last game. So over two nights in December, we are going to run one of our rolling competitions.

The way this works is we get a few people to build/bring DBMM 100AP armies in a themed group. The first game is a historical matchup at 100AP each, then the next game is winner of the first game as CinC with two commands, being their own army plus their defeated opponent as an ally general. The final game sees the same method generate two 400AP armies for a final showdown.

There are quite a few players locally with an interest in Pre-Columbian American, and so 'Ozpocalypto' was born. Hopefully, we will find 8 players each with a suitable army. Locally there are several suitable types, from Tupi, through Dog Peoples, Aztecs, Mayans and so on.

For my own part - I have had some Incan figures lurking in the lead pile for several years, so now is the perfect opportunity. They are a mix of Falcon minis, Minifigs, plus a Naismith general in litter. I picked up some Gladiator porters from Olympian Games, and have ordered a few Llamas from Bend Sinister Miniatures as well.  

So the Work in Progress....

The Commander's Litter..  Naismith (I think), with Falcon swordsmen converted as bearers, a Gladiator Porter and more Falcon Inca Spearmen.

The Inca Army, mainly (in DBMM terms) Auxiliaries, with some slingers, Coastal swordsmen and Indian archers.

The secret weapon. I am going to cheat and just undercoat the figures a leathery colour for flesh for the forest and coastal indians, and the Quecha, and a lighter Mocha colour for the Inca themselves. Then I reckon I will try a 'dip' or 'stain' and see how that works. I am almost sure there is some dip in the pool-shed... 

And several hours later.... 

Getting there... at the moment focusing on common colours. Next up I will probably do the basing, as it offends me aesthetically that the bases are different colours...   then hair..  then weapon colours.

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