Saturday 25 February 2012

Tomorrow's War - The Day After

Had some fun undercoating and starting the paint process for my vehicles. As usual, I undercoated with a cheap flat black primer spray can, but I then remembered something I had seen done by aircraft modellers, where they 'pre-shaded' parts of a plane prior to doing the main coat. This gives a lot of depth. I couldn't really be bothered doing it very accurately on six vehicles so I just grabbed my can of gray spray primer and gave them all a very short sharp angled blast to get the grey on edges and prominent parts.

Khurusan APC - very nice casts
Khurusan APC - rear view
Then I went ahead and used very thin paint (old humbrol acrylics) on the APCs, and I was very pleased with how they turned out. I will probably just do pin washes and a very light grey drybrush and call these finished.

The New Alba fire-teams are progressing, and I have the support weapons on order,

The Wallace GSCO1 grav tanks however..  need more work...

New Alba Fireteams backed by the Wallace grav-tank

Lots more work to do on these bad boys...

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