15mm Moderns

Hunting around the second hand stall at Cancon two years ago, and I found a big bag of 'Moderns' - 15mm US Forces, plus a whole batch of Mujehaddin for $15.  Having no interest at all in the period, I left them mouldering in a drawer for ages until I was inspired by looking at a couple of Ambush Alley games online, and thought they might be quick and easy to paint up..   Then of course I thought that they might need some Air Support (can't do Black Hawk Down without some Blackhawks), and some Humvees...  and it all sort of got out of hand..   Right now, they have 5 Humvees, a LAV, a Bradley, a Gage A/C plus 4 Blackhawks and a AH64 Attack Helicopter. Minis from Blazeaway ..  Vehicles from QRF, and choppers from Dragon & Revell. (The AH64 is a beautiful kit, but a b*stard to put together when you haven't built a plastic model for 100 years)  The Dragon models are lovely, notionally 1/144, but look right, and they go together beautifully.

So far they have had one outing - using Peter Pig's AK 47 - vs a motley assortment of African militia supported by technicals and a T55..  

The bad guys

US Squads move up, the partially painted Blackhawk is visible on the left

The convoy escapes as the militia close in, US Rangers hide

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