Sunday 30 August 2015

Milanese Banners c1500

I tried to source Milanese flags for my Condotta, but found it a bit of a challenge. So in the end I hunted around the sources, and spent the day applying paint; not only to figures, but also some banners. Example:

So here they are:

Please feel free to download for your own use. Right click and select 'save link as'.


  1. Your banners are beautiful, but if you want more I suggest you check out Pete Smith's blog, Pete's Flags, or go onto E Bay, and put in Renaissance banners, which should lead to Pete's site. His cloth flags are first rate.

  2. Thanks Robbie. Looks like Pete was using the same sources ! His flags do indeed look beautiful, but I rather like painting/making things myself wherever possible, and these were free, (other than about 4 hours painting).