Monday 17 August 2015

Take Three

So I had a paint disaster. After undercoating half the mounted in black. I changed my mind and went white. Spray cans, same brand, same type. And it just bubbled horribly. So three days of paint stripping  (yuck). I'm now back to where I started. Of course all lances etc. had to be replaced, so maybe 5 hours all up. Boo!


  1. So the question is, were these the ones you first had to strip? Perhaps the residual stripper reacted a little with the black and then it only showed when you hit with white undercoat?

  2. No, these were a second lot. The first ones were stripped because I had already done 50% of the painting (badly) or 100% (extremely badly). These ones were 'new' and I undercoated black (cheap enamel matt black car primer) some days ago. When I then sprayed white over the top (without stripping)a - same brand of enamel, in warm conditions, it just bubbled everywhere. Never seen anything like it. But they are now stripped, and white undercoated. I have now drawn up the flags/banners, and it's time to start painting.