Wednesday 31 August 2022

Making for a Mutiny

Like lots of other wargamers I invest a lot of time and effort into collecting and painting figures and models. My terrain; however, could use some work. As I've recently been collecting figures for the Indian Mutiny, my existing collection wasn't going to cut it. 

I also have figures for Napoleonics in the Peninsula Campaign, WW2 in Sicily, plus there's Mexico if I wanted to do Maximilian, Northern Africa.. etc. So I figured that with a bit of cunning and some removable roofs, I could bash together something that (if you squinted a bit, and with suitable specialist pieces) would just about pass muster for all these. 

The base models were bought very cheaply from ebay JB models for £12 for 5 basic adobe shells. White glue and chinchilla sand masked the obvious 'flatness' of the MDF. 

Some Wills HO pantile sheets, thick card and a hot glue gun were used to make the roofs.

I then attached them to bases, added walls from foam, brush bristles, and my usual pva and sand textured base mix.

But who knew the foam walls would melt under an aerosol undercoat...  oops.

Well, that's annoying, but crack on, and slap on coats of cheap acrylic umber, ochre, cream and sienna for the tiles.

Ok, looking the part, and usable in a number of terrain regions. Now add roofs...

And suitable for a few more. I also had another building..

More upmarket this one. Still needs a trellis and benches on the deck. I also picked up some 'Arabic' buildings, from the same source, that got a similar treatment.

 Just some tufts, dried grass and bushes, and a few bits of scatter to add, and I will have quite a nice little conurbation.  I also have a nice ornamental Indian fountain, some carts and villagers that I think will really make this work. Not bad for a couple of days building.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan. I actually have a ton of 28mm Terrain projects. If I was sensible I would strip down the bench and just spend a weekend with the airbrush and paint, and finish them all. Including 40 or 50 so trees to make from armatures, horsehair and flock. But wargames butterfly you know.

  2. Nicely done - Great stuff; look the part.

    1. Thanks Tidders, and they actually got on the table tonight for a game. Won't say too much as I ,might try to run it as a virtual game in October. Still much titivating and scatter to be done, but happy so far.