Wednesday 4 December 2019

Where am I?

So despite the fact it's going to require a whole new set of 28mm Terrain, and that I already have about 6 or more platoons waiting for paint, I couldn't resist something different.

I had already, almost by accident, picked up a few bits and pieces, such as a Type 97 Tank, some Woodbine Company heads from Gripping Beast, a Sarissa hut..  Then with the Black Friday sales, and Warlord offering discounts, it would almost have been rude not to..  So - a Lanchester, etc..

First steps
This shows the Lanchester before detailing. It's not a bad model. (I am wondering what junk to put in the back). Plus the HQ for the platoon, 2nd Lieutenant plus Sergeant, Boys AT Rifle and the 2" Mortar. 
Sergeant & Second Lieutenant

Unfortunately, the picture quality isn't great. These are Perry 'Desert Rats', with Woodbine heads. I wasn't sure how well the heads would fit, and in some of the pictures, such as the foreshortened one below, they do look slightly large. Looking at the side shots though, it's certainly well within the range you will see on wargames figures, even if slightly larger than the Perry originals.

I still have to add green-stuff sock flashes, as these seem to have continued to be worn, but overall I am pretty pleased with the conversions, and I am looking forward to getting some paint on these. (I confess, I am tempted to give the officer a cricket jumper..)

And of course, these are for a platoon from 2nd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Malaya 1942, for the Fall of Singapore. Beware masses of incoming plastic aquarium plants to build jungle... 


  1. I have to say that Lanchester looks rather spiffing - WWI in WWII always fun. Look forward to seeing the Argyles painted

  2. I have kept on assembling, but I have about 60 Japanese to assemble too, and that's before I start on terrain, but I reckon they will look good.