Sunday 24 November 2019

Weekend WIP

The weekend was a quiet one, so in between various household chores, I managed to get some model building in, and then a brief session with the airbrush. Unfortunately, I have been having problems with the new Iwata, so it was back to the trusty old Chinese knock-off...  So these are airbrushed, and some detail work started.

First up was the Italeri 1/48 AB41 armoured car. A bit of an oddity this kit, 'rubber' tyres, and a partly metal chassis. I reckon it looks pretty good. Obviously still needs further detail work, decals and weathering, but a good start.

Next up, a pair of Rubicon half-tracks. The Sdkfz 251 Engineer vehicle was a £10 pickup at Targe, and the 250 was heavily discounted from Wayland Games.

And a Pz IV. This was given to me, and I have reassembled and repainted it, adding some Milliput stowage. It's not a great model, not sure of the original manufacturer.

This one, again a pick up at Targe from a fellow club member, and again, not sure of the provenance. It's a 3d print, and includes a crashed Me 262, which I am going to disguise somehow so it has wider applicability. Lots of detail on this one, so a lot of work still to do.

An Airfix resin kit, I think originally badged as a Polish Bank. I had to add a lot of debris from MDF offcuts, chopped up cork and so on. Again, there's a whole lot of detail to be added.

So on the whole, some good progress, and I also made up some bases for my Victrix Late Republican Romans that I am going to put together for the Lardies new 'Infamy, Infamy' ancients rules.

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